New ‘mossie’ immigrants in Brisbane out-living their welcome…

Nasty disease-carrying mosquitoes from South-East Asia detected in Brisbane.

This is what a mosquito bite looks like

This is what a mosquito bite looks like

EXOTIC mosquitoes with the potential to spread crippling diseases have been found at Brisbane International Airport three times in the past two months, forcing heightened biosecurity measures.

The cargo holds of planes from select South-East Asian countries are being fumigated following the discovery of the Aedes aegypti mozzies, which can carry viruses such as dengue, chikungunya and yellow fever.

The bloodsuckers, which have distinct black and white striped legs, are the cause of annual dengue outbreaks in North Queensland but have not been routinely detected in Brisbane.

They were discovered in the international terminal baggage make-up area on February 17, March 30 and March 31.

Authorities say if a small number of the pests had not been detected, they would have spread exponentially throughout the area surrounding the airport and become a health threat.

The much-feared Aedes aegypti, or Asian tiger mosquito.

The much-feared Aedes aegypti.

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