Meet the woman building stunning sustainable homes from bamboo…

Green technology:

Not only are these bamboo buildings made from a highly sustainable super-plant, they are probably the most amazing homes we´ve ever seen, too.


You may have heard about Bali´s ´Green Village´, but this short video really brings it to life. Featuring Laura Hardy, who quit her job for Donna Karan in New York to design stunningly chic homes in a tropical rainforest.

The buildings are designed to have few walls or windows and are created exclusively from bamboo- which is aesthetically beautiful, versatile, and environmentally friendly. Hardy uses bamboo for everything, from the beams to the floors, the railings to the furniture inside.

Bamboo is fully mature in three years and is harvested without damaging the root.

“It makes it feel like its growing around you,” she says. “We decided  we´re gonna make a stand, we´re gonna do this out of materials we feel really good about.”

Hardy spent her childhood on the tropical island, and after revisiting Bali in 2009 she came up with the idea of designing these luxury treehouses. She was inspired by Bali´s famous ´Green school´- a private school of international and Balinese students- which was the creation of her father, jewellery designer John Hardy.

Just wait for the end of the clip to see an awesome home shaped like a lotus flower…All we can say is WOW.

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