CBD: The lesser known Cannabinoid

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CBD: A new conversation and debate.

CBD: The Lesser Known Cannabinoid

We all know that marijuana contains the cannabinoid THC or delta 9- tetrahydrocannabinol, having been told that is what gets you high and experiencing its wondrous effects.

We as growers cultivate cannabis for the purpose of getting the high it creates when consumed and usually have the desire to obtain strains with the highest THC content possible. With all of the knowledge people are gaining from testing the marijuana plant we now know that cannabis has around 85 cannabinoids, so the general public only being familiar with one of them seems crazy.

In today’s world with the cannabis culture growing rapidly, ground breaking scientific tests are beginning to be done all over the world and we are learning that there is much more to be discovered within the contents of this magical plant. One of the biggest discoveries found with…

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