The foods that can help you quit smoking…

by Wang Ao
The foods that help you quit smoking
Quit smoking. When people smoke, 4,000 kinds of chemistry substances are produced, over 40 kinds of which are cancerogenics. (Photo/People’s Daily Online)

The ‘family doctor’ website (, a health website in China recently summarized that more and more people smoke and the bad impact on health is growing. Here we recommend some foods and recipes that help people reduce the harm of smoking.

Fungus: the gum in fungus can absorb the dust and dirt in human beings’ digestive system, remove them out of the body and enhance immunity. People who often eat fungus can reduce the risk of cancer.

Tea: drink some green tea, black tea.

Carrots: rich in carotene, carrots can suppress the smoking addiction and are helpful to smoking reduction and cessation.

Grapes: the ingredients of grapes can improve the metabolism rate of cells.

Loquat: eating loquat has a protective effect to human beings’ respiratory mucosa.

Drinking almond porridge two times every day is effective to cure cough and asthma. Healthy people can prevent disease and build fitness by drinking it.

Finally, the best way to maintain a healthy condition is to quit smoking.

The article is edited and translated from 《香烟是强烈致癌物 吃什么有助于戒烟》,source:


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