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Hi Peter,

We knew that the Taiwanese tuna boat Shuen De Ching No. 888 could be fishing illegally almost as soon as it popped up on the Rainbow Warrior’s radar system. What we found on board was shocking – we now need your help more than ever.

As soon as we had confirmation it was fishing somewhere it shouldn’t have been, we set headed towards the boat.

As the Warrior came closer, we saw that they had set 50 miles of line weighed down by 2,000 hooks – and were ready to start hauling in tuna – and any other sea creatures caught up in the process. We launched our inflatables and headed over.

Once onboard, we quickly realised that this boat was seriously dodgy.

In the freezer below decks we found marlin, mahi mahi, sailfish, sharks and tuna – and there were far more fish than had been reported in the boat’s log book.

But it gets worse. In the last freezer we found something really shocking: Sacks and sacks of shark fins.

The Shuen De Ching No. 888 represents everything we’re out here for – and finding it is a big step forward in our campaign to expose these out of control fishing practices.

But one boat is just the tip of the iceberg. In this vast Pacific Ocean, thousands of fishing boats are chasing less and less tuna and many fish irresponsibly and illegally. It is vital for us to keep searching and keep the pressure on. There is much more work to do.

Please will you donate today to help us continue this urgent and important work to protect our beautiful Pacific Ocean?

Within hours of us finding the boat, the Greenpeace office in Taipei had organised an action. The next morning, the Taiwan Fisheries Agency found Greenpeace activists on their building and media out front. Thanks to the attention the issue was getting, the Fisheries Agency announced they would ask a patrol boat to go investigate the Shuen De Ching No. 888.

This out of control fishing industry is a global problem, and with the help of people like you, we’re taking it on and bringing it to the world’s attention.

Thank you for your support

– Karli Thomas and the whole crew on the Rainbow Warrior



11 Akiraho Street, Mount Eden, Auckland , New Zealand
0800 22 33 44 | info@greenpeace.org.nz

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