Oil is not a fossil fuel…

This is a revelation:

Oil Is Not A Fossil Fuel

The following are great interviews with Colonel Fletcher Prouty where he talks about how John D. Rockefeller ran a scam and got oil classified as a “Fossil Fuel” at a scientific conference in 1892. They had to do this so they could pretend oil was a scarce commodity to keep the prices high.

Oil is actually created inside the Earth and this can be proven because it is found far below the geologic strata at which the oldest fossils have ever been found.  

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The first video goes over the dirty truth about Oil while the second video is a longer version of the interview with Prouty where he talks about how they gave weapons to Vietnam and Korea to set up those wars decades before the war.

He also talks about how the global elite start wars just to kill people!  Great information here.  Also the second video has great information that shows the entire oil industry is a scam.  We haven’t even needed oil for 100 years now.  We’ve had free energy for all this time.

The Dirty Truth About Oil – It’s Not a Fossil fuel

The Dirty Truth About War – It’s all a scam to reduce population



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