Petitioning the end of captive breeding of dolphins in NSW…


Petitioning The Animal Justice Party The Hon Mr Mark Pearson Mlc

Captive Breeding of Dolphins to stop in NSW, Australia and addressing the license of Dolphin Marine Magic

PETITION calling for: an end to the captive breeding and keeping of dolphins, the release of all captive dolphins at Dolphin Marine Magic, (and in particular,  Bucky, a wild-born dolphin who has been incarcerated in the confines of a small pool for more than forty-five years) and rehoming to a rescue and rehabilitation ocean sanctuary.

To the President and Members of the Legislative Council New South Wales Parliament.

This petition of certain citizens of New South Wales states that it is cruel and inhumane to keep dolphins in captivity, confining them in small pools for their entire lives and forcing them to perform. We request that the House call on the Government  to cease the granting of permits for the breeding and exhibition of dolphins and that the House calls for the release of all dolphins in captivity at Dolphin Marine Magic Coffs Harbour and that they be rehabilitated for eventual re-homing at an ocean sanctuary to be established by members of the public.


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