Cows standing in a public waterway…

Fish and Game posted this photograph on Twitter of cattle getting "free access" to Canterbury's Lake Taylor.cowsbehindfence

Public shocked by photos of cows standing in our lakes…

The public has been shocked by photos of cows standing in Canterbury’s Lake Taylornext to a Department of Conservation site. It would certainly make most of us think twice about hopping in the water to cool off when we can see exactly what we are sharing the lake with.
But this should come as no surprise – although most dairy farmers have been taking action to keep their cows and their poo out of our rivers and lakes, there are no rules encouraging beef farmers to do the same. So actually all of us all over the nation, every time we swim in a river or lake, or even an estuary, are probably sharing that water with a beef beast. We just don’t see it.
Judging by the lack of tags on the cattle’s ears, and the lack of udders, the photos taken at Lake Taylor are of beef cattle. In their 4th report, the Land and Water Forum agreed that all farmed animals that enjoy wallowing – pigs, deer and beef cattle – should be kept out of streams. We can see clearly now why the Government needs to act urgently to implement this recommendation.
Hutt Says:   Waterways are public, regardless of the fact that Lake Taylor landowners think they can please themselves because the land on either side may be freehold. If they can’t control their stock, then their land should be fenced.

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