Set freshwater minimum standards to swimmable…

Image By: unsplash  |  License: CC

Imperative to Set Freshwater Minimum Standard to Swimmable

People planning to travel to New Zealand view it as a paradise. A unique vestige isolated from the pressures of over-population and exploited environments. Seeing our country through the box office lens or through our 100% Pure marketing campaign, an image of an enchanting and untouched wilderness is cemented in the minds of domestic and international tourists.

New Zealand is one of the furthest tourist destinations to travel to and our country’s attraction is founded solely in our safe and clean environment. Tourism, now our largest export, is projected to increase a further 48.5% by 2021. This forecast is predicated on the preservation of a pure wilderness, and right now New Zealanders must be engaged and vocal about changing the heart-breaking state of our most…

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