GMO Marijuana…Monsanto working the tat

Hutts Strange World

Greedy politicians licking their chops in anticipation at the graft to be collected from legalised GMO dope grown most likely by Monsanto?

cannabis Green foliage of Cannabis sativa – drug, hemp

The problem is themajority of Americans don’t know these facts…they bought the hype, which the MSM is still shilling.  Maybe you should consider the facts instead.

Greedy politicians are probably licking their chops anticipating the graft they can collect onGMO marijuana from Monsanto

Amazing all the uses for it— and all the years we’ve been denied it to take the dangerous alternatives from the drug companies.  It’s criminal to DENY it to sick people.

Trump wants it decriminalized….I think he’s right.
The senate is busy trying to pass another “Dark Act” right now… your senators.

I got the strangest angry call yesterday….all he said was “STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING”…and…

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