World’s oldest weed found in an unexpected place…

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old weed feature Worlds Oldest Weed Found In An Unexpected PlaceWe knew cannabis was grown thousands of years ago in China, but usually just for its hemp. But now the oldest weed, found in a tomb in the Gobi Desert, proves that the ancients were big fans of the herb.

Scientists determined that the 2,700-year-old remains of lightly “beaten” plant matter were that of marijuana. The marijuana buds were carefully packed in a leather basket next to the head of the tomb’s owner. Scientists described the mummified inhabitant as being Caucasian with blue eyes. He was most likely a shaman or medicine man from the time, and because of his appearance, it is possible that he traveled quite a bit.

One thing is for sure – marijuana was an important plant to take into the afterlife. The scientist determined that the majority of the male flowers were removed from the leather bag leaving the more THC potent buds.


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