Cannabis Treats Anxiety, Depression and Activates Brain Pathways That Regulate Emotional Behaviour

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cannabis Green foliage of Cannabis sativa – drug, hemp

5th August 2016 by Marco Torres

Guest writer for Wake Up World

Despite the myths we’ve heard throughout our lives about cannabis killing brain cells, a growing number of studies indicate that cannabis actually has neuroprotective properties. Cannabis has been found to have an incredible ability to regulate emotional behavior, and may be the most reliable medicinal plant available as a therapeutic target for the treatment of anxiety and depressive disorders.

The Role of Beta-Caryophyllene

Beta-caryophyllene, a terpene in cannabis, is present in the essential oils of various plants including rosemary, hops, black pepper and cannabis. Like most terpenes, beta-caryophyllene contributes to the unique aroma associated with plant oils. In 2008, German researchers discovered that beta-caryophyllene also acts as a cannabinoid by binding to marijuana pathways in the body. Although some compounds like THC activate both cannabinoid pathways — CB1 and CB2…

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