Conservation Conversations #2: Al Bramley from Zero Predators

Image: Dreamstim

We’re halfway through Conservation Week here in New Zealand, and people all over the country have been getting out and about to help preserve New Zealand’s birdlife and forest biodiversity.

When New Zealand broke from Gondwana around 85 million years ago, the islands were isolated from any continental land bridges, and the bird life evolved undisturbed with no land mammals native to the landmass. As one of the newest countries in the world to be discovered by humans, the New Zealand stayed mammal-free for many millennia until humans started bringing in introduced species of rats, stoats and possums.

In just a few hundred years these predators have wreaked havoc on New Zealand’s unsuspecting birdlife, causing many species to go extinct, and bringing others to the brink.

Earlier this year, the New Zealand Government announced an ambitious plan to make New Zealand entirely predator-free.

In the second of our Conservation Week Conversations, we’re bringing you an interview with Al Bramley, the CEO of Zero Invasive Predators (ZIP), a partnership that is helping in the battle to rid the country of all invasive predator species. Matthew Monahan spoken with Al last year at New Frontiers, just a few weeks after the launch of ZIP.

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