48 Hours in Wellington City

12592684_1078540652166711_4222027132002301755_n48 Hours In Wellington

Wellington “is a small city and practically everything in the downtown district is in a straight line between the mountains that rise to the west and the bay to the east,” writes Christopher Beanland in an article for The Independent.

Beanland recommends activities and things to see if you are just spending 48 hours in Wellington.

  1. Take a view and a hike: “Follow the curve of the bay down to the small beach at Oriental Bay and from there you’ll see Mount Victoria rising above the city,” he writes. Pick one of the several bike and walking routes up the mountain and enjoy the view. Starting from Mount Victoria Beanland also recommends taking a hike “to take in practically all of central Wellington’s main sights.”
  2. Shopping: If you’re in Wellington over the weekend, head to Wellington’s Underground Market “under Frank Kitts Park at Jervois Quay, which runs from 10am to 4pm every Saturday.”
  3. A walk in the park: Zealandia, described by Beanland as a “cross between a zoo and a park”, aims to “preserve the landscape of Wellington in a time capsule before settlers arrived here and changed the natural set up” and is the perfect place for a nice stroll. If you don’t feel like walking he recommends hiring a car and heading to the Wairarapa. Alternatively you can cycle there, too.
  4. Cultural afternoon: “Wellington is famous for its films, comedy and literature,” writes Beanland. Head to Tinakori Road, “which is home of one of the city’s most talented scribes, Katherine Mansfield.”
  5. The icing on the cake: Take the railway journey north from the city if you want to see more of New Zealand. It’s one of the greatest, according to the article, and is “packed with tunnels that plough through mountains and tracks that wend their way round cliffs and thread between valleys over huge viaducts.”

To read more about Beanland’s trip and his dining recommendations, please click here.

Article Source: The Independent, Christopher Beanland, November 8, 2016

Image Source: Wikipedia


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